Grenada Citizenship and Starting your Business

If your dream is to immigrate to an untouched island in the Caribbean, then obtaining your Grenada citizenship should be at the top of your list. Life in Grenada offers complete island living – with both vibrant towns for those seeking activity and sleepy fishing villages for those wanting a peaceful seaside residence.

Spanning over 344km², it’s not difficult to find your piece of paradise on this island; and if you plan on successfully setting up your family and business, then gaining your visa is the first step. While you prepare for your immigration, you can decide on the industry or business you’d like to invest in and the locations that are prime and tailored just for your liking.

Along with being one of the friendliest and safest islands in the Caribbean, Grenada has a strong economic outlook. If you are in the market for a second citizenship, Grenada offers a quick and hassle-free citizenship-by-investment (CBI) programme, with a mere 4 to 6 months to process your citizenship application. Through the CBI programme, investors and those looking to relocate can apply without needing to visit Grenada during the application process. There are minimal processing fees and no physical residency is required.

Grenadian citizens have preferred access, and in some cases, grants, to top schools. Grenada is also home to a world-class university. Grenadian citizenship grants you visa-free travel to 125 countries including the EU Schengen Area, the United Kingdom (UK), China, Singapore and Hong Kong. Grenada is the only Caribbean island with a CBI programme where citizenship comes with the ability to apply for a United States (US) E-2 visa, which grants eligibility to live and operate a business in the US.

Due to its small size and relatively low number of inhabitants – only 8 000, the island is an idyllic place to live if you are looking for peace and tranquillity. Grenada is famously known as the “Isle of Spice”, so naturally spices are a prime point of interest. According to Forbes research, Grenada is responsible for more than 20% of the world’s nutmeg production, second to Indonesia. Cloves, cinnamon and mace are just a few of the other predominant spices, but the island is also a prime location to grow other crops like bananas, cocoa and citrus fruits. If agriculture is your forte and you want to take advantage of the fertile soil and moderate tropical climate in Grenada, then consider locations like Carriacou, Petite Martinique, St. Andrew’s and St. George’s.

Other growing industries:

  • Tourism and hospitality services
  • Health and wellness
  • Information and communications technologies (ICT)
  • Energy
  • Fishing
  • Leisure such as snorkelling, kayaking, hiking and swimming

The capital of Grenada is St. George’s. This town is a hotspot for tourists thanks to its preserved history, culture and landscape. If you’re planning on setting up a brick-and-mortar store of sorts, then finding a space within the capital or other populated towns like Gouyave and Grenville would be ideal to access larger local populations and passing tourists.

Compared to some of the more mainstream Caribbean islands, Grenada is still relatively preserved, which is why it is possible to find stunning properties that are appropriately priced. Grenada’s real estate market offers many different options, such as new apartments, luxury villas, beautiful bungalows, charming family homes, and historic colonial houses.

No matter what you choose to do on the island, keep in mind that Grenada is a port and affords you the opportunity to access the world’s market for exports. Production and export of goods are busy industries from the island and give you access to European, US and UK markets effortlessly.

The coral reefs and waterfalls of Grenada offer unparalleled natural backdrops of beauty against which one can plan to retire or relax on. And with a strong, durable infrastructure linking the economy to the global village, the island lifestyle offers a solid but exciting option for an adventurous life.

With 12 Star Capital, you can gain your visa through the investor programme put in place by the country. With a minimum investment of $150 000 or purchase of real estate to the value of $220 000, you can secure your immigration in fewer than 5 months. Our team is available to help you learn more and secure this opportunity.

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