The Gaia cable car runs in Villa Nova de Gaia on the southern bank of the Douro river, connecting the riverside promenade to the upper deck of D. Luis I bridge

Portugal: The best country in the world for immigrants

A study launched by INTERNATIONS, an international community for expatriates and immigrants, reveals that Portugal jumped from 28th place to ranking 5th on their list of the best countries in the world for immigrants. It is evident that Portugal is growing in popularity, as there are approximately 500 000 foreigners residing within Portugal, according to Eduardo Cabrita, Portugal’s Minister of Internal Administration. 

Located in the South of Europe, this Mediterranean country provides an outstanding quality of life and enjoys a low cost of living, spacious property options and an amazing climate with average temperatures reaching 24-degrees Celsius.  Many South Africans have opted to immigrate to this country for its benefits including the diverse business landscape and safe, family-friendly cities. 

Launched by the Portuguese government in 2012, the Golden Visa programme is aimed at encouraging investment into the country. By investing a minimum investment between €350 000 – €500 000 into Portugal, you can qualify to apply for this sought-after visa.  

As a Golden Visa holder, you will have access to a culturally diverse country that is home to spectacular beaches, historic cities, delectable cuisines while providing an all-inclusive way of life. Enjoy travelling visa-free into Schengen countries. Not only will you live an authentic Portuguese lifestyle, but you will also have the benefit of investing your Rand against a strong currency and economy. 

With limited time to invest before the Golden Visa changes take place. 12 Star Capital understands the investment and immigration processes. In partnership with EQTY Capital, these teams of experts will help you get the process started and facilitate each step. 

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