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Live a life of wonder and experience that doesn’t limit your capabilities in your location. Immigration is an act that can be dated back to the 19th century with travelers moving from Africa to Eurasia. Seeking greener pastures is no crime and the need to establish a secure existence for you and your family is a top priority for many.

These cities are a top choice based on the socio-economic stability, quality education and medical facilities, recreation amenities and residential offerings, also exhibiting distinct city personalities you can appreciate.

Porto, Portugal

Presenting a rich plethora of old architecture and diverse experiences. The city of Porto boasts deep history and authentic Portuguese way of life that gives you a feel for seaside living. Indulge in exotic cuisines, Aletria comprising citrus and spiced flavoured angel hair pasta paired with a local Portuguese wine to end the day over a captivating sunset. Porto provides an affordable lifestyle and access to subsidised state healthcare. With a Golden Visa, you have access to all Schengen countries that present the ideal opportunity to travel and experience the background they hold.

Kyoto, Japan

A myriad of vibrant colours on ancient architecture, sumptuous smells of Japanese cuisine, and catching glimpses of the exotic geishas on their way to evening performances. Kyoto presents a lifestyle that is home to opulent culture and heritage that will leave you breathless. Expect friendly and welcoming faces from the locals in this cozy city that also offers partial government funding of healthcare and high quality of education. Kyoto presents a slower paced atmosphere for those who love exploring chic restaurants and immersing themselves in the offering of World Heritage Sites and hidden gems waiting to be discovered.  

Austin, Texas

Take in the scenery of melting sunrays over the skyline as afternoon approaches or challenge your adventurous side with kayaking through the pristine Colorado River. Known as the Music Capital of the World, Austin, boasts an urban environment that is filled with an abundance of music establishments, sports lovers, and over 250 parks and green areas to escape into for lush, outdoor recreation. As one of the fastest growing cities in the US, aim for a diverse job market along with a range of transportation options and active lifestyle. The EB-5 investment programme can facilitate your move to the US conveniently, so you can experience the abundant life that America presents.

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