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Top migration destinations

It was reported last year, through the New World Wealth, that around 3000 High Net Worth Individuals from South Africa have migrated over the last decade. The top destinations that have attracted the super wealthy include the United Kingdom, Portugal, United States of America, Australia and Switzerland. By going through the Investor Visa Programmes, you will be able to migrate easily and effortlessly to the country you like. We take a look at 3 of these top destinations and how you can make them your next home.

United Kingdom

With the high-quality healthcare system through the NHS, top universities and schools around every corner and internationally-acclaimed businesses; it is no wonder that this destination has ranked as the number one destination over the last few years.

Through the Immigrant Investor Programme, those interested only have to invest a minimum of £2 million; 75% of the investment is deposited into either a UK government bond, share capital or trading UK-registered companies. The remaining 25% is then invested through purchasing assets or by depositing into a regulated financial institution. This programme allows you to gain residency for you and your family, with access to free healthcare amongst other benefits.


The Euro Health Consumer Index ranked Portugal’s healthcare system at 13 in 2018. As a resident, you will have access to this healthcare system, on top of the Mediterranean lifestyle, food and culture. To obtain the Golden Visa for Portugal, investors would need to invest a minimum of $250 000. Through this investment, you and your family will be able to gain permanent residency or citizenship into Portugal, travel visa-free throughout Schengen visa countries and ultimately, live-work-play like a Portugal resident.

United States of America

The world’s leading economy, the opportunity to live like an American citizen, gain access to leading businesses, education and healthcare, is not far out of reach. Through the application of the EB-5 Investment Programme, with a minimum of $900 000 into designated Targeted Employment Areas, individuals and their families can gain Green Card status.

Investors are looking for a surefire Plan B and these Investor Programmes offer Golden Visas that offer many benefits.

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