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Benefits of Golden Visa status

Safety, living in a stable economy and having access to great healthcare and educational institutes is some of the many aspects of what drives High Net Worth Individuals to find alternative homes abroad. With there being so many visa opportunities available, not all are certain and can come with restrictions. That is why Investment Programmes are opted for, as it offers a surefire way into another country and allows individuals the freedom to live-work-play like a resident of their chosen country.

Residency in exchange for investment

These Investment Programmes target High Net Worth Individuals to invest in exchange for residency or citizenship. In Europe, many receive the Golden Visa, while in America, you can gain Green Card status. Over the next 5-year period, the money invested will be used to enhance that countries economy.

Lifestyle perks

While your money is at work and locked into an investment, the individual as well as their immediate family have the opportunity to live and work like a resident of the country you are living in.

Don’t stop travelling

The Golden Visas for Europe allow individuals to travel freely to Schengen visa countries, while the EB-5 Investor Programme for the USA allows successful applicants to travel to 140 countries freely.  You can visit family, friends or conduct business travels as usual with these visas.

Through the Golden Visas, individuals can easy transition from their home country into the new one. Due to having very few restrictions, creating a new life and setting up business is effortless; especially when working with expert consultants like 12 Star Capital, who facilitate the process step-by-step.

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