Where are High Net Worth Individuals moving to?

It is no secret that South African’s of High Net Worth look abroad for wealth security and desirable lifestyles. As many as 4000 South African millionaires over the last decade have moved abroad. According to the latest research from New World Wealth and AfrAsia Bank, South Africa homes only 35 000 High Net Worth Individuals currently.

The benefits of immigration are unparallel when comparing matters like crime, finance, and standard of living. The need to grow and provide a better future for your family is a primary concern.

According to this report, High Net Worth Individuals are choosing Portugal, the UK, and the USA as top destinations, with Grenada growing as an emerging choice.  Amongst the study, Portugal was highlighted as a first choice; being the most popular for aspects like safety, lifestyle, and business opportunities. All of these countries provide you with a strong currency hedge and wealth security.

An alternative residency visa is your ticket to a great future and security for your family. Providing you with citizenship within a short time span and visa free travel within Schengen visa countries, an alternative residency visa presents the ultimate freedom and long-term capital appreciation prospects.

12 Star Capital are affiliated with key experts to help facilitate your investment journey. With a simple 4-step process, we will assist you through the progression of your application and ensure that your visa is successful. Boasting a 100% success rate, 12 Star Capital provides next level investing with our alternate residency options.

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