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Why Invest In Europe?

Europe is a first-world choice for investors as there are over 50 countries to choose from with each showcasing unique cultures, lifestyles, political systems, stronger economies and investor friendly policies. For those of you looking for your plan B, to expand your investment portfolio and reap the various benefits, take a look at why Europe should be in your sight.

Strong currency hedge

The European Union is one of the largest economies in the world with a GDP of over $16 billion. Currently, the Euro to the Rand stands just under R20 to £1. Investing in this currency will ultimately allow you to see your wealth in a secure, steady and ever-growing economy.

Choice investments

The European Union accounted for a significant portion of foreign investment worldwide. Through 12 Star Capital, there are various Investor Programmes that you can choose from. These give you the choice of whether you want to invest in Portugal starting from $250 000, the United Kingdom with a minimum of £2 million, and Grenada with a minimum investment of $150,000.  

Residency and golden visa perks

These Investor Programmes secure your wealth, as well as enhance target areas in Europe. After a set amount of years, you will obtain your investment back. For many reasons, these opportunities are surefire ways to gain residency in Europe and gain a golden passport. This allows individuals and their families the luxuries of living in these countries freely, studying, working or even travelling frequently with no hassles.

Investigate the various options you have available through 12 Star Capital and see if you meet the minimum requirements. Register your interest and our expert team of highly trained professionals will assist in your application process and ensure it is a success.

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