Why Portugal

The road to immigration may seem like a difficult one, but once you’ve made up your mind, decided on your location and chosen an efficient immigration service, you will be well on your way to greener pastures that present a wealth of opportunity for you and your family.

Today, we look at Portugal as an immigration choice. Presenting an exotically vibrant and stable environment, and offered considered as holiday hotspots, the cities of Lisbon, Porto, and the Algarve are a few of Portugal prime choices while the country also presents several other thriving cities to settle in, each offering their own unique aspects.

English is widely spoken

One of the concerns many potential residents have is the language barrier when it comes to immigrating to a foreign country. As a popular tourist destination, English is commonly spoken in the bigger cities like Lisbon and the Algarve resulting in easier communication if you don’t speak Portuguese. The residents are often warm and welcoming enough even if they don’t speak English and will attempt to help you if you require assistance and may also attempt to teach you a few words to help you with your transition.

Quality of life and cost of living

The country of Portugal provides an almost unparallel quality of life in the world. In 2019, The InterNations Expat Insider Survey ranked Portugal 1st for quality of life thanks to its relaxed lifestyle and environment where many expats feel safe. Portugal also offers one of the lowest costs of living countries in Europe which also makes it a great location to consider for retirement.  

The blissful weather, delightful food, and energetic culture  

The undeniable truth is that much like South Africa, Portugal presents an exotic culture that is rich in history, provides some of the best golden beaches comprising clear waters and awe-inspiring clifftop views along with a diverse range of traditional, sumptuous cuisine that will leave you wanting more.

Portugal provides the ideal immigration destination for South Africans by providing a climate and lifestyle that is centered around traditions and values that you and your family can easily acclimatize to without feeling as homesick. Let 12 Star assist you with your application for a Golden Visa to get to you to this dream destination.

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