What services does 12 Star Capital offer?

12 Star Capital specialises in providing turnkey offshore investment solutions, including assistance with visa-by-investment programmes, offshore property funds, and tailored offshore residential property products for South African residents. 

What makes 12 Star Capital unique in the offshore investment market?

Our unique approach is defined by our 100% success rate in settling families and our vast 70 years of combined experience in the industry. We offer personalised, comprehensive services with a deep understanding of the global investment landscape. 

Can 12 Star Capital assist with obtaining residency or visas in foreign countries?

Yes, we facilitate our clients’ global wealth journey by providing assistance with obtaining residency permits, Green Cards, or elite visas in various countries, including the USA and Mauritius. 

What investment destinations does 12 Star Capital focus on?

Our primary focus is on investment opportunities in South Florida, USA, and Mauritius, known for their robust economies and high-quality living standards. 

How does 12 Star Capital ensure the success of its clients' investments?

We adhere to a stringent due diligence process and utilise our 12 Legacy Pillars as guiding principles. This meticulous approach ensures that all investment opportunities are thoroughly vetted and align with our clients’ goals. 

Does 12 Star Capital offer solutions for clients looking to diversify their portfolio?

Absolutely. Our offerings are designed to provide globally diverse options for wealth and citizenship, tailored to individual needs, allowing for effective portfolio diversification. 

Is 12 Star Capital available for consultations outside of standard business hours?

Yes, we are committed to being available 24/7 to accommodate our clients’ schedules and provide continuous support throughout their investment journey. 

What kind of support can investors expect after completing a transaction with 12 Star Capital?

Post-transaction, clients receive ongoing support and services, including updates, insights, and assistance, ensuring long-term satisfaction and success with their investments. 

How does 12 Star Capital help in understanding the complexities of offshore investments?

We empower our clients through education and expert insights, providing them with the knowledge needed to understand their investment choices while we help them navigate the complexities of offshore investments confidently. 

Can 12 Star Capital assist clients who are not looking to relocate but wish to invest offshore?

Yes, we cater to clients who wish to invest offshore for purposes such as securing a dollar hedge or diversifying their portfolio, without necessarily relocating. Our services are tailored to meet these specific investment goals.