In order to apply for the Golden Visas, you will be required to provide proof of how your funds were obtained. Additionally, you will be required to provide certified copies of your ID/Passport, and a completed medical exam.

The application can take any time between 8 months to 2 years.

No, the investor just needs to meet the investor requirements, be of the required net worth and have the minimum capital.

Permanent residents cannot vote and are not entitled to certain jobs and positions. Permanent residents have similar rights and obligations of the citizens of the country they choose to live in.

Under USCIS regulations, the applicant must demonstrate that his/her assets were gained in a lawful manner. This requires the applicant to prove his/her funds were obtained through lawful business, salary, investments, property sales, inheritance, gift, loan or other lawful means.

Yes, tax returns are usually submitted as documentation that funds were obtained lawfully. Therefore, if the invested funds are a gift, the donor would submit the required tax forms.

This varies and is dependent on the Investor Programme you applied for. Most commonly, it takes over a 5-year period.

No, you are not obliged to live in the area of investment.

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