We believe in the power of collaboration to deliver unparalleled offshore solutions to our clients. With a team of 113 industry leaders, 12 Star Capital is uniquely equipped to provide specialised solutions tailored to meet all your needs comprehensively. 

We provide premium access to U.S. and Mauritius development opportunities within our curated global wealth portfolio and provide unique value-adds to investors. We offer a comprehensive approach that is focused on strategic destinations, providing opportunities in key global regions including America, Mauritius, Canada and the UAE. 

Stuart Ferguson

Director of 12 Star Capital

You’ve taken the first step into global wealth investment.

Our mission is to empower our clients to create their own narrative of success, rooted in family legacy. We want to provide you with the tools and opportunities to safeguard your loved ones’ future.

We have over 70 years combined experience, which is reflected in our consistent track record of 100% success rate. Through our comprehensive turnkey solutions and strategic partnerships, these collaborations enable us to offer unparalleled offshore solutions to our clients.

We have facilitated over 300 families in settling abroad or securing their EB-5 visa and unlocked over R1.1billion in developer assets within the USA, Portugal and Mauritius.

Our selection of areas and projects is governed by a clear set of criteria and a rigorous due diligence process, ensuring that every opportunity we present aligns with our commitment to quality and excellence. The 12 Star Capital approach is rooted in empowerment through education, providing expert insights to guide our clients.