Why invest in Grenada?

Home to steep valleys, large areas of tropical rainforests and deep blue beaches with leatherback sea turtles, Grenada is not only the ideal tourist destination but is now a popular immigration location. The island of Grenada is situated within the West Indies along the eastern Caribbean. We take a look at what makes this popular destination a key investment.

Hassle-free living

Rich in history and cultural diversity, Grenada is known as “Isle of Spice”, as it is renowned for its nutmeg production and mace crops which thrive in the nation’s bountiful climate. The cost of living in Grenada is relatively affordable with favourable rates on electricity and internet services. Public education and healthcare are both free for citizens.

Stable economy

This country presents a relaxed, laidback island lifestyle. Hosting a politically stable government and economy, Grenada provides the idyllic environment to raise a family and build a business in. According to the Consulate General of Grenada, “The country has grown, over the past 30 years – at an average annual rate of 3.4 percent.”

Benefits of investment

As an investor, you will be required to have a non-refundable minimum investment of $150,000 or purchase real estate to the value of $220 000. You will need to have a high personal net worth with proof of how the funds were obtained. Applying for a residency-by-investment visa to Grenada, also gives you access to the E2 US investor visa, which will allow you to enter and work in the United States based on an investment in a US business.

Other benefits of this visa include:

  • Exit investment after 3 years and retain citizenship
  • Visa free travel to 140 countries including UK, China and Schengen regions.
  • Visa is applicable to spouses, dependent children under 30, children fully supported by the main applicant, dependent parents and even siblings.
  • No wealth, gift, inheritance or capital gains tax
  • No education requirements.
  • Citizenship in 180 days
  • No physical residency required

With a range of these benefits along with the landscape of this location, who wouldn’t want to invest in Grenada? Contact 12 Star Capital to learn more about this Plan B option and how to secure this sought-after visa.