You’re 4-months away from your Grenada passport

Situated along the Eastern Caribbean Sea and Western Atlantic Ocean, Grenada is an island country also known as the Isle of Spice. Having grown in population during the 20th century, this dream destination has become an attractive opportunity for many immigrants to make their home. With thriving industries, diverse people and growing infrastructure, Grenada has become a top choice for citizenship by investment where you can gain your Grenada passport within 4 months.

One of the most coveted benefits of immigrating to Grenada is the opportunity to apply for the USA E2 investor visa, which allows citizens of Grenada to operate a substantial business in the US and reside therein. Grenada is just over 4 hours away from the United States of America, giving you quick and easy access to one of the world’s leading countries.

The passport requirements for Grenada are straightforward. You can simply invest a minimum amount of $150 000 into a non-refundable fund or purchase real estate to the value of $220 000. Additional elements you will need include having a high personal net worth and no criminal record and proof of how your funds were obtained.

In just 4 months, you will be engulfed in an island lifestyle in the Caribbean. From the culture to the way of life, Grenada has so much to offer new residents. Grenadian culture combines many influences but maintains its own unique character. A strong sense of community exists among residents and is one of the leading reasons why expats choose this location. Delight in a lifestyle where people see each other often and enjoy spending time together. Great company comes with a diverse local cuisine that includes callaloo, oil down, lambi and salted codfish.

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