Grenada offers attractive property investment for tourism investors

Grenada is one of most iconic Caribbean destinations on the map. Property investment in Grenada is not only a means to gain good rental income and capital appreciation, as you hedge against a stronger currency; it is also a pathway to immigrate from South Africa and to secure foreign citizenship for High Net Worth Individuals. You could purchase property in Grenada for your own holidays, gain citizenship and earn rental income in a foreign currency.

The bucket-list English-speaking destination is an attractive investment option for investors looking to take advantage of the half a million honeymooners, watersports fanatics and sun seekers who visit Grenada each year.

Historic destination

Grenada is what it is today thanks to its thrilling mixture of French, African and British influences gained through a rich colonial and post-colonial history. Georgian architecture, beautiful historical forts and ancient rum distilleries give the island its distinctive Caribbean charm and appeal. History buffs will find endless inspiration in stories of days gone-by when they travel throughout Grenada.

World’s best beaches

Tourism has always been the backbone of Grenada’s economy, but even more so with the construction of a large cruise ship pier and esplanade near the capital city of St George’s, the main airport and famous coastal strip. Here, on a 3-kilometre long Grand Anse Beach, conventional beach and watersports tourism is the main attraction. Bays and alcoves along this unspoiled coastline are often regarded among the world’s best beaches.

Foodie’s paradise

Live like a local and eat your way around the ‘Spice Isle’ of the Caribbean. Famed for its aromatic spices and organic chocolate, the melting pot of Grenada has been cooking up delicious delicacies for centuries. Foodies will be hard-pressed to find boring meals in the island’s traditional cuisine, which includes luxuries like stuffed crab, cocoa balls, nutmeg ice cream and callaloo, a rich coconut milk and taro leaf soup.

Travel opportunities

The world is your oyster. With your Grenada property investment and as a citizen, even without physical residency, you can travel visa-free to over 140 countries including the UK, China and Schengen regions. Additionally, those whose end goal is to immigrate to the USA can make use of the E-2 Treaty Investor Visa agreement to establish a business and live in America.

Gain an alternative residency, invest in Grenada property and secure your wealth, earn a rental income, and explore the option of immigration to the USA or enjoy visa-free travel around the world. 12 Star Capital facilitates the application process to achieve your Grenada investment visa, which could be in your hands in just 180 days.