Portugal is among the top five best places to retire in 2022

Find your place in the sun within Portugal as it ranks 4th on the Global Retirement Index’s top-10 retirement destinations for 2022. In its tenth year, the 2022 Natixis Global Retirement Index takes a deep dive into the critical issues driving global retirement and is widely published on platforms such as CNN travel and the World Economic Forum. It is compiled using the personal experiences of expats in each location, combined with factors like cost of living, climate, medical provision and ease of bureaucracy. The top five countries on the index are Panama, Costa Rico, Mexico, Portugal and Columbia.

The idea of retiring abroad is increasingly popular these days and Portugal appears to be a common denominator on more than one list. Condé Nast recently announced that Portugal won first place as the best country in the world in the prestigious Readers’ Choice Awards 2022. Followed by Japan, Thailand, Singapore, India, and Greece in the ranking. 

According to Google stats, Portugal is one of the ten most searched-for retirement hotspots. South Africans in particular, are partial to the Southern European country, for its slower pace, mild weather and tempting travel options throughout Europe, with three international airports in Portugal: in Lisbon, Porto and Faro. It’s safe to say that that residency is in Portugal

What Dreams Are Made Ofretire in portugal

To live as though you are permanently on vacation may have seemed excessive a few years ago but post the global pandemic people are determined to live their best lives.

There is more than one stunning beach, each with its own personality and allure. The architectural influences of the years have made for magnificent and charming buildings. Every day is bound to feel like a holiday in Portugal.

Lingua Franca

When becoming a citizen of Portugal, you will have to learn the basic local language. This is a unique opportunity to embrace the unique culture. As it turns out, English is taught in schools in Portugal and is widely spoken in some areas. The government also offers free Portuguese language courses around the country.

Mediterranean Climate

portugal lifestyle

Portugal’s property market has lured High Net Worth Individuals from South Africa and become one of the top investment destinations. Key aspects for anyone moving cities or countries for that market is climate. The mild Mediterranean temperature is considered optimal. It’s not too hot, not too cold, not too dry and not too wet, which lends itself to a lot of outdoor activities and overall an active and healthy lifestyle.


Olive oil, wheat and grapes are essential ingredients in the Mediterranean diet. And considering Portugal’s influence on the spice trade, you can be sure that the food is wholesome, flavourful and healthy. Forget those boring beige meals you would imagine eating at an old age home. Portugal’s cuisine is full of life, colour and tastes.

Culinary hits include peri-peri chicken, duck rice, and salted cod – seafood is of course predominant in all its varieties. They have excellent coffees, cheeses, wines and pastries as well.

Rich in Culture and Tradition

There is plenty to see and do in Portugal which is steeped in history, from its impressive architectural styles to vibrant nightlife, dancing and fine wine. Make sure you tick some of these incredible places off your travel list:

–      Mosteiro dos Jeronimos, Lisbon

–      Castelo de S. Jorge, Lisbon

–      Belém Tower, Lisbon

Top-Notch Healthcare

With more than a thousand public hospitals and healthcare centres, access to healthcare in Portugal is free and of high quality. If you live in Portugal you can receive care without any hindrance. The Portugal’s healthcare system is among the top 20 around the world according to the World Health Organisation ranking of Global healthcare systems.

Safe and Affordable

The people are friendly and in practical terms, this is low-cost living with low crimes.

Portugal ranks high on the Global Peace Index as well and is widely considered to have good social cohesion. It was the first country in Europe to abolish slavery, in 2010 same-sex marriages were deemed legal and the impression is of a tolerant, peaceful nation. Legislation is of course, also in favour of businesses with low or no taxes.

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