Mauritius scoops top honours at World Travel Awards

Mauritius took top honours at the 2022 World Travel Awards (WTA), considered the most prestigious global tourism awards in the world. The tropical island paradise is a popular investment and tourist destination for South Africans and its reputation is bolstered by these high accolades.

The World Travel Awards gets its clout from the fact that winners are selected through a voting process, by those most in the know: travel industry professionals, offering the highest critique and boasting a wealth of industry knowledge.

Held at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre in Nairobi, Kenya in October 2022, the World Travel Awards named Mauritius the Indian Ocean’s leading adventure tourism destination, the Indian Ocean’s leading wedding destination, and, for the first time, the Indian Ocean’s leading sustainable tourism destination.

South African Paradise

South Africans have long since been drawn to Mauritius. The warm weather, international schools and universities as well as the close proximity to South African shores make Mauritius a coveted destination.

With 4-hour commercial flights from South Africa to Mauritius, the country is deemed an easy investment option that allows for close ties to South Africa. Notably one of the best places to conduct business, Mauritius has consistently achieved GDP growth between 3% to 5.9% over the last decade.

Mauritius is home to 4600 High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) boasting a new wealth class that is creating a community for growth in the country. As AfriAsia and New World Wealth’s Global Wealth Migration Review indicates, between 2007 and 2017, Mauritius showed a 195% wealth growth. The Mauritian economy is on an upward trajectory, going from strength to strength, creating the perfect future for investment.

Mauritius is truly an island paradise and there are many reasons to visit and make this top travel destination your second home.

Five reasons to visit Mauritius:

Pristine beaches

White sandy beaches and crystal-clear water are ideal for snorkeling, kite surfing, swimming with the dolphins or other water sports.


There are no low-cost flights to Mauritius and according to Forbes, 50 of the island’s 101 hotels are five-star. Further to this, you can be at an establishment at capacity and still not find it crowded thanks to the privacy of suites and offerings such as patio dining. As a popular honeymoon destination, many resorts serve patrons outside their villa.


You can find beautiful beaches in many parts of the world but Mauritius has vibrant culture too. Numerous nations from the Arabs to the Malays, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Indians and British have had a hand in the island’s history, which today makes for a rich tapestry of cultural heritage. Tourists and locals can be found at the fresh produce markets amidst the festival atmosphere or enjoying the local Sega dancing.


Mauritian cuisine is diverse and packed with flavor. Top on the list for the perfect island experience is to try their seafood curry.

Thanks to the popular use of coconut milk, Mauritian curries have a full-bodied flavor with influences ranging from French to Indian, African and Asian. If you’re a seafood fan or lover of spice, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Lookout for fish vindaye, chicken or fish kalia, mutton halim, a classic tomato-based chicken stew and a local take on Indian vindaloo.

Black River Gorge National Park

A national park showcasing the awe-inspiring mountain range and natural forests of the island, Black River Gorge National Park is a must-see. Hiking or a leisurely stroll is always on the cards, weather-permitting. You can also find a fantastic game of golf in close proximity. We also advise you to keep a look out for the famous Mauritian seven-colored sand.

Make no mistake, Mauritius is beautiful all year round. Let 12 Star Capital facilitate your investment into Mauritius. Contact us to begin your citizenship journey.