How to identify the right country for you

The world is your oyster. If immigration is your goal, you may feel overwhelmed by the opportunities for foreign citizenship afforded to High Net Worth Individuals. Many forward-thinking economies across the globe offer residency-by-investment programmes designed to court investors and attract foreign money, skills and entrepreneurial diversity.

There are a variety of considerations you need to keep in mind when choosing your ticket out of South Africa. Here’s what you need to ask yourself when weighing up your immigration options and selecting the country most suitable for you and your family’s needs.

What is your objective?

There are many reasons why people decide to immigrate. One popular motivation is security, whether it be personal, social, economic or financial certainty. Stable first-world countries with strong currencies, unbiased politics and fair opportunities for personal and financial growth are obvious choices for would-be immigrants keen to leave the instability of their home countries.

What is your budget?

Residency-by-investment visas require substantial financial outlay, especially the programmes which grant full citizenship and naturalisation as a benefit of inward investment. Your investment cap or budget will determine whether your ‘plan B’ passport comes from America, Grenada, Mauritius, Portugal, the United Kingdom or one of the many others with similar immigration schemes.

What benefits are important to you?

A commonly cited reason for immigration is to provide a better life for loved ones, including access to superior healthcare, education or career prospects. The conditions of immigration vary from programme to programme, although many do allow investors to bring their spouse and children with them. If this is a deal-breaker for you, it is imperative to understand the citizenship or residency benefits that each party is granted. Other benefits may include tax perks, visa free travel to other nations and hedging your savings in a strong economy.

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