Investment 101 webinar: Offshore investing through private equity funds

Our latest webinar explored property in Portugal as well as private equity funds and how the Golden Visa can create your perfect Plan B. Hosted by SA’s TV and Radio presenter Gareth Cliff, our webinar consisted of a panel of experts that included Stuart Ferguson from 12 Star Capital, Garth Wellman from Caleo Capital, Garth Martin from EQTY Capital, Michael Maxwell from EQTY Capital, Melanie Guerra from Stone Capital, Marcos Drummond from VIC Properties, as well as Catarina Sardinha of Dixcart.

The appeal of offshore and immigration investments

“More High Net Worth Individuals are realising that the best legacy planning you can do is have an international passport” shares Garth Wellman, CEO of Caleo Capital. He goes onto explain that while your investment may seem like a large sum, it inevitably sets up life for you and your family, enabling them to expand their horizons, which is a huge driving factor when considering offshore investing.

What are private equity funds?

As an investor, one of the best options to look into is property offshore. According to Michael Maxwell, Head of business development at EQTY Capital, “Typically when people want to acquire bricks and mortar, they like to visit the location, and be selective. The benefit of a fund is that sort of care and choosing is taken on by professionals who are able to spread that risk across 40-60 prime properties.”  

The evolving process

Co-found of EQTY Capital, Garth Martin, explains that he has personally invested in the Golden Visa. Martins shares EQTY Capital’s vision; “We decided to create a platform that allowed people access to top quality opportunities and spread it across a wide portfolio. Part of putting our platform together was grouping shareholders, that have personally gone through the process, with a group of reputable developers.”

Portugal property with vision

Hosting an international background, Vic Properties are developers that focus on large-scale projects within Portugal. As a recognised and reputable option, Vic Properties were chosen by EQTY for their expertise and large project offering. “We tend to build neighbourhoods that are also large in vision and ambition, while concentrating on all value chain real estate from the identification of the opportunity to construction to sales and management,” explains Marcus Drummond, Sales director of Vic Properties.   This strong portfolio of professionals give insight into the different avenues you can invest in Portugal and diversify your offshore portfolio. Watch the complete webinar here to learn more about how you can kickstart your future and build a legacy in Portugal.