Looking beyond Lisbon – Portugal cities you should know about

Portugal achieved 5th place on the 2021 InterNations list of the Best Places for Expats in 2021 and was the only European destination to rank within the Top 10.

As a prospective investor looking to immigrate to Portugal, the capital city of Lisbon is often a top choice. Home to a host of other expats from around the world, family beaches and varied cuisine, this city has grown in population and popularity. With the new Golden Visa regulations in place, we want to introduce you to other key destinations within Portugal.


As the second most popular choice in the country, Porto is situated north of Lisbon, on the Douro River and is known as the port wine making region. As a more affordable place than Lisbon, this city hosts excellent healthcare, a safe and family-friendly environment. While it is a popular tourist destination, this city is home to affordable property investment opportunities and has one of three international airports, making it easy to jet set in and out of the country.


Known as the “Portuguese Venice”, hosting canals and water roads, Aveiro is a small town located near Porto. While the city isn’t jam-packed with tourists, it is rich in culture and small-town charm, making it the ideal place to immigrate to.  With the high-quality of life and laidback lifestyle, this destination has become particularly attractive to retirees as well as students.

The Algarve

Occupying a large part of Portugal, the Algarve provides a range of expat friendly locations. Portimão and the town of Lagos are two famous locations to immigrate to. Both locations offer affordable living and are home to the warmest weather, stunning beaches and English-speaking communities. Portimão is the second largest city in the Algarve and is connected to other main destinations including Lagos. Situated along the coast, you will have quick access to the beach and excellent healthcare.

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