Portugal is the 5th best place to live in the world

Over the last decade, Portugal has become a popular expat destination. From the energetic city scenes to the laidback coastal towns, there are a myriad of destinations within the country that host family-friendly environments with immaculate schools, hospitals and business opportunities that interest a range of industries.

InterNations, a network for expats, recently released their annual results for the best and worst places for expats to live in, in 2021. This report surveyed a range of indexes including quality of life, ease of settling, personal finance and cost of living. Coming in at 5th place on overall results is Portugal. As the only European country to come in the top 10, Portugal once again showcases its benefits in this list of destinations.

On the quality-of-life index, Portugal came in at number 3, outperforming the likes of Canada, Australia and Switzerland. This index covers 20 different factors in seven different subcategories: leisure options, health and well-being, safety and security, personal happiness, travel and transportation, digital life, and quality of the environment. According to the survey, 84% of expats are happy with their life in general, compared to a global average of 75%.

For expats, top reasons for immigrations lies within the safety, affordability and climate factors. InterNations survey mentions that 96% of expats surveyed describes the country as peaceful (vs. 80% globally), and 97% feel safe there. They also report that three in four expats (73%) are satisfied with the affordability of healthcare in Portugal and 86% are happy with the travel opportunities they have within the country.

Apart from factors like safety and affordability, Portugal showcases a pleasant environment to live in. According to expats via the InterNations survey, “It’s very beautiful with great food, music, culture, and scenery.” Life within the country allows you to unwind on a regular basis while having a fulfilled daily routine. This survey also suggests that around four in five (79%) are also happy with their own socialising and leisure activities.

These results are a clear testament to the life a family can have within Portugal with a range the of benefits and how easy it is to acclimatise to this diverse nation. With a simple 4-step, turnkey process, your life in Portugal is achievable with 12 Star Capital’s team. Make contact to learn more about this immigration opportunity.