Portugal provides a world-class lifestyle

Over recent years, the allure of Portugal has extended to many families across the world. With the introduction of the Golden Visa Programme in 2012, the country has managed to secure €5.2 billion through investment from over 20 000 High Net Worth Individuals, including the investor and his family. What attests to this world-class lifestyle?

“What Portugal offers in bucket loads, and always has and always will, is quality of life. Your cost of living is relatively low, and your standard of living is high. People often emphasise the sunshine and the great beaches, which of course we do have, but in reality, you are dealing with a country that is rated as one of the top 15 healthcare systems, ranked 11th in the world for infrastructure, and has phenomenal education – all of which is very accessible. There is no pollution or traffic, and we are the 4th safest country in the world. This lifestyle, along with the Golden Visa benefits and non-habitual residence, is what makes Portugal so attractive,” explains Michael Maxwell, Head of Business Development at EQTY.

Portugal is home to a range of quality facilities. The top ranking universities include both the University of Porto and the University of Lisbon, which offer several fields of study at affordable rates and hours that will lead to an overall greater quality of life. When it comes to healthcare, there are over 200 hospitals that are easily accessible. Following the influx of expats, these systems have been vastly improved and even host a great deal of English-speaking healthcare providers.

Portugal presents a great lifestyle to many remote workers thanks to its digital nomad lifestyle. You can easily find a range of co-working spaces, chic cafes, and access safe public transportation. With the affordable cost of living and friendly tax regime, the country is becoming more popular with millennials over time. The benefit of the Golden Visa also provides additional travel opportunities, offering access to the Schengen zones.

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