Portugal vs other European opportunities

Rooted in deep history and home to diverse cultures, Portugal presents an all-embracing lifestyle that boasts safe cities, great weather, as well as world-class healthcare and education. As a country that maintains a consistently high quality of life at one of the most affordable rates in Europe, Portugal is also a nation that welcomes expats.   

Portugal offers entrepreneurs and professionals the opportunity to make their mark in the corporate world, young families are able to set down roots and provide their children with the best education, and retirees have an affordable and safe location to retire in. It is safe to say that Portugal has something for everyone. 

As an investor, you may ask what else Portugal provides?  In comparison to other European investment programmes in countries like Spain and Ireland, Portugal stands out as the best option. The advantages lie in the following comparisons: 

  • You are allowed to travel, work and study freely within the country. 
  • Portugal requires the investor to be in the country only 7 days per year in comparison to other European countries that require 183 days per day. 
  • Portugal holds a strong tax incentive programme with a myriad of benefits like 0% on international passive income whereas other European countries hold few to no benefits. 

Holding a Portuguese Golden Visa enables your investment immigration into the country. These are the benefits of holding this unique Visa: 

  • Travel through Schengen zones visa free
  • Live, work, study and travel throughout Portugal
  • Long-term capital appreciation prospects
  • A pathway to citizenship after 5 years. 

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