Portuguese capital is the epicentre for european innovation

On the Iberian Peninsula of Southwestern Europe is the Mediterranean jewel of Portugal, a sun-soaked, historic and passionate nation that tops the charts with its charm. Equally famous as the birthplace of great explorers and star-studded footballers, Portugal’s renown goes beyond the likes of Vasco da Gama and Cristiano Ronaldo to snap up bragging rights as a desirable place to live and work. 

In recent years, this European powerhouse has been ranked as the:

●      2nd best country in Europe for business innovation by the European Central Bank 

●      4th safest country in the world in the Global Peace Index 

●      5th best place for expats to live when considering factors like quality of life, ease of settling, personal finance and cost of living according to InterNations

●      4th best country for retirement in the Annual Global Retirement Index with high scores for safety conditions, healthcare and transportation systems

Epicentre for start-ups

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz recently pronounced the virtues of Portugal’s economic success story when addressing Hannover Fair delegates. He was quoted saying that smartphones and surfboards are a combination that works, Scholz’s light-hearted banter highlights Portugal’s progress. 

Streets ahead in technology, digitalisation and energy transition, it comes as no surprise that Portugal is an attractive prospect for up-and-coming innovators who find inspiration on its golden shores. Brought together by dark-roasted café in short cups and world-famous pasteis de nata, which originated in Lisbon’s Jerónimos Monastery, the start-up community has strong relational bonds that makes networking easy and fun. 

Why Lisbon?

Despite being one of the oldest cities in the world, the metropolis of Lisbon is cosmopolitan, youthful and full of energy. It is constantly growing and transforming, taking on ‘global city’ status in its stride. Recognised for its importance in commerce, arts, international trade, education and tourism, Lisbon is also a significant economic centre with a fast-growing financial sector and one of the largest container ports on Europe’s Atlantic coast. 

For entrepreneurs, two major draw cards exist: 

●      Exceptional quality of life at a low cost 

●      Ease of running a business with vital support from government-instituted networks

In addition, as the wealthiest region in Portugal, Lisbon is well above the European Union’s average GDP per capita giving businesspeople optimistic hope of securing investment and funding. 

Living and working in Lisbon

Lifestyle magazine Monocle named Lisbon as the 7th most liveable city in the world and it’s easy to see why. Within a few hours, you’ll find yourself swept up in its charm. Yellow trams rattle and screech through steep and narrow lanes, cobbled walkways lead to azulejo-covered facades, street art captures the imagination, sentimental fado echoes from rooftops, and the glistening, unchanging River Tagus steadily courses along. 

History, art, philosophy and commerce: the pillars of human thought and invention have deep roots in Portugal’s capital. Filled with inspiration, Lisbon is where people gravitate to reimagine their lives. Luckily for those with sights set on calling this city home, Portugal’s Golden Visa investment opportunity awaits. 

How to immigrate to Portugal

The warm, passionate and sometimes loud Portuguese culture permeates every aspect of life. As a result, Lisbon has become one of the European epicentres for businesses and digital nomads seeking an injection of that same vibrant energy.

Using 12 Star Capital, you are guaranteed a successful Golden Visa application. With an expert team guiding the way and ongoing support at every step of your application, you won’t be far from starting the ultimate journey to Portugal.  

After a qualifying investment of €500 000, the Golden Visa requirements are straight-forward for applicants. To be eligible, you must:  

  • Show proof that the funds you invest in the visa programme were legally earned 
  • Have no criminal record 
  • Commit to visiting Portugal for a minimum of 7 days each year until you receive your citizenship 

Once this is completed, you are on your way to securing your Portuguese passport via the Golden Visa investment programme. You can expect to: 

  • Earn your Portuguese residency in less than a year 
  • Travel freely without a visa to Schengen countries 
  • Live, work and travel anywhere in Portugal  
  • Gain citizenship after 5 years  
  • Pass on benefits to your immediate family 
  • Hedge your investment in Euros  

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