Two visas in one – Why choose Grenada?

Why opt for one visa when you can have two? The Grenada residency by investment visa has many benefits, one of which is a way to gain USA citizenship. Whether you are looking to invest or immigrate, Grenada provides not only the investor a plan B, but also their family, as the visa is also applicable to spouses, dependent children under 30, children fully supported by the main applicant, dependent parents and even siblings.

So how does the Grenada visa work? It offers two visas in one, with the E-2 treaty ‘Investor Visa’ agreement with the United States. Those who invest in Grenada can access the E-2 Treaty Investor Visa agreement and will be able to establish a business and reside in the US which is one of the greatest advantages of this visa.

There are a range of other benefits for those who immigrate to Grenada. Not only will you gain your residency in 4 months, but also this visa opens up a whole new world to you with visa-free travel to 140 countries including UK, China and Schengen Regions. There are also additional tax advantages to be enjoyed, namely having no wealth, gift, inheritance, or capital gains tax.

During your application, you are not required to attend an interview, have specific education levels or managerial experience and your citizenship is transferable to a new spouse and future generations. You are also not required to travel to Grenada during the application process – that’s right, you can do all of this here in your home country at your convenience. Following the approval of your visa, no physical residency is compulsory, and you will be able to exit your investment after 5 years and retain your citizenship.

What’s your exit strategy?

An investor maintains their investment for 5 years as per offering documents. They are able to sell it to a purchaser that is wanting to qualify for the Grenada CBI (Citizenship by Investment). Should an investor not wish to exit, they are allowed to retain ownership of the investment.

With all these benefits and an attractive location, why would you not choose Grenada as your immigration destination. 12 Star Capital hosts a range of experts to help you make this dream a reality.