Understanding private equity funds

Diversifying your investment portfolio offshore opens up a world of opportunities. Private Equity Funds have become a more efficient and attractive income investment vehicle. As a highly regulated option for Portugal, Private Equity Funds are supervised by a Custodian Bank and the Portuguese Securities Market Commission (CMVM).

As a simple and low maintenance option, investing in a fund also means a more affordable and transparent route for you rather than opting for direct real estate. In many cases a standard property investment into Portugal can start anywhere from €500 000, which will require added transfer fees, stamp duty, registration, and notary costs. Through the fund route, you only require a minimum investment of €350 000 and can avoid the time wastage and frustration of dealing directly with real estate undertakings, such as the fees, tenants and building insurance, mortgage payments and conveyancing processes.

Through the private equity fund route, you will be exposed to various hand-picked and reliable investments, asset classes and locations. These investments also provide an easy exit with no complicated sales process in comparison to a direct real estate investment. Additionally, you also are exempt from many taxes when opting for this route.   

Having partnered with 12 Star Capital, EQTY Capital provides a unique avenue to private equity funds in Portugal. They have ensured their investments are through strategic portfolio management so that they can increase performance through industry expertise combined with local knowledge and insight from their global team.

Contact the 12 Star Capital team to learn more about this opportunity and how you can secure your investment now before the upcoming Golden Visa changes take place.