What is the difference between permanent residency and citizenship?

If you are thinking of starting your immigration journey, chances are you have a ton of questions about the procedure. Following a bit of research, one of the most common questions is helping individuals understand the difference between permanent residency and citizenship.

Permanent residency

Simply put, permanent residents cannot vote, can be deported and are not entitled to certain jobs and positions. Permanent residents have similar rights and obligations of the citizens of the country they choose to live in, however they still remain a citizen of their own country. However, earning permanent residency is the first step in an immigration expedition. Permanent residency awards you a range of benefits like remaining in the country of your choice for longer periods of time and the ability to work and live like a citizen.


A person becomes a citizen through birth or naturalisation. If you are a permanent resident for a duration of 5 years and have followed the regulations of the country you have immigrated to, you are eligible to apply for naturalisation to become a citizen. Becoming a resident means that you will have additional opportunities – qualify for a passport of the country, protection from deportation, voting rights, family-based immigration, and employment opportunities like working for government agencies.

The first step

Like a passport, a visa allows the holder conditional entry into a country. This card or document is placed within the holder’s home country passport. There are a range of visas for various reasons. Transit, visitor, and long-stay visas all include sub-categories, however if you’re seeking permanent residency in a country, an immigrant visa is the one you want to look into. In order to immigrate to any country around the world, you will require a visa. However, these visas can often take years to process, resulting in a delayed move to the country of your choice. This is where a streamlined immigration service would come in to assist with the process and fast-track your application.

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