Why you should start your offshore investment journey today

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or new to offshore investments, we believe that this a key opportunity to diversify your wealth and hedge it against stronger currencies. We would like to help you make your next investment step seamless through the key countries we have identified, namely America, Mauritius, Portugal and Grenada.  

What are offshore investments?

Look beyond your country’s borders. Offshore investments allow you to take advantage of a larger, global investment pool and has a range of opportunities spread across various types of investments including property, stocks, unit trusts and more.  

Offshore investments and new residency

Immigration through investment allows you to invest a sum of money into a foreign government programme in return for permanent residency within the chosen country. The sum is often invested into a fund or property scheme. Going this route with 12 Star Capital means that your money is being invested in opportunities that have been scrutinised and assessed by experts in the field. These investment avenues not only allow you to secure your wealth, but offer the country by improving areas, creating residential homes and ultimately create jobs.

What are the benefits?

While most investments provide potential for long-term returns, offshore investments allow you to outperform inflation in most cases and grow your capital in a stronger currency. Offshore investments provide access to global markets, allowing your money to work harder within a diversified portfolio. On top of earning money over the years, you will also gain residency visa, giving you access to a whole new lifestyle, business and professional opportunities, the freedom to travel to certain countries as well as gives you a chance to secure your children’s education in key institutes. With these benefits, why would you not want to go this route?

12 Star Capital makes offshore investment safe and seamless through their partnerships and prospects that they have identified. Secure your pathway to a greater future with our trusted team of experts that will walk you through this process and help get your process started.