Your plan B – do you have one?

According to statistics from three key sources of emigration data available, Statistics South Africa (Stats SA), United Nations International Migrant Stock database, and National statistics offices (NSOs) of foreign nations, an average of 23 000 individuals emigrate from South Africa each year. Providing a strong currency hedge, stable political environments, and a range of opportunities for families, offshore investment give individuals and their families access to a myriad of benefits, including alternative residencies. 

Investing in opportunities overseas is an infallible way to secure and grow your wealth for the future. Investment immigration provides a two-fold benefit that allows you to invest in real estate, a sector that already holds significant impact in the world and also provides a route to seamless immigration. By investing offshore, you will be able to further diversify your wealth portfolio and take advantage of the immigration opportunity for you and your family. This option provides a strong ‘Plan B’ should your current plans change, or you are looking to broaden your prospects in the future. 

Through an investment visa, you will pave the way for a diverse wealth stream and sturdy pathway into the country of your choice. These investment visas often allow for other benefits like visa-free travel within certain countries, ease of working or building a business, access to education and healthcare systems as well as long-term capital appreciation prospects. 

If you’re considering immigration through investment, now is the time to learn more, apply and start preparing for your journey. While the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly altered life, but it shouldn’t stop you from starting the process. 

12 Star Capital will help facilitate your investment journey for you and your family. Through a simple turnkey process, you can invest in Portugal, USA, UK, Grenada or Mauritius and secure the future of your family without any worry. Chat to the 12 Star Capital team to learn more about your options.