Golden Visa: All you need to know | Webinar Recap

The EQTY Capital fund and property opportunities

As a Portuguese company with foreign shareholders, this investment firm uses their expertise and market knowledge to source assets that are of good value to the fund. According to Joào Hilàrio, Business Development Manager at EQTY Capital, “As an investment option, we offer diversification, risk management, a cheaper solution than buying property directly. We, as a fund are able to negotiate quite aggressively and in doing so, we offer our clients the opportunity to participate in a diversified portfolio of prime residential property in Portugal.” EQTY Capital offers a range of property options from apartments, townhouses, villas and even service departments, all which range in sizes in various locations within Portugal.

Additional tax implications for South Africans when investing in the fund

The country of Portugal provides a range of tax benefits for foreigners. According to Catarina Sardinha, Head of Legal at Dixcart, “If you choose to remain in South Africa following your investment, the income received from the distributions of the fund would be taxed in South Africa.” If you choose to immigrate using your Golden Visa, you will benefit from the range of tax benefits known as the Non-Habitual-Tax-Regime, available to immigrants. “The regime itself depends on the type of income that the individual receives and where its generated. Some income generated outside of Portugal and fulfilling certain criteria may be tax exempt,” explains Sardinha.

South African families that have invested in the programme

When considering immigration, many investors can become hesitant to uproot their lives and move their families to another country. The benefits and standard of living in Portugal speaks for itself. According to Joào Hilàrio, “We have a lot of South African clients in our funds and our team has a very strong South African flavour, with our Managing Director, who is South African and an excellent example. You’ve got international schools, medical facilities, good lifestyle and Portugal is one of the safest countries in the world.”

The lesser-known processes and procedures

Known as a simple and seamless process, applying for a Golden Visa through 12 Star Capital does require paperwork and various procedures which investors are guided through. According to Stuart Ferguson, CEO of 12 Star Capital, “we have surrounded ourselves with various service providers who expediate and assist us with making sure that documentation is in place.”

Following this insightful webinar, it is evident that 12 Star Capital is here to help you take the first step to your life abroad. Contact the team to learn more about this investment opportunity or watch the full webinar for more answers to your questions.