Mauritius scoops top honours at World Travel Awards

Mauritius took top honours at the 2022 World Travel Awards (WTA), considered the most prestigious global tourism awards in the world. The tropical island paradise is a popular investment and tourist destination for South Africans and its reputation is bolstered by these high accolades. The World Travel Awards gets its clout from the fact that winners are […]

What it costs to live on an island?

There’s no beating around the bush, only a small percentage of people will get to live the coveted island life. With our tailored offering in Grenada, the island lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of also creates a pathway to live or do business in the Americas. By next summer, you could be sipping cocktails on the […]

Portugal is among the top five best places to retire in 2022

Find your place in the sun within Portugal as it ranks 4th on the Global Retirement Index’s top-10 retirement destinations for 2022. In its tenth year, the 2022 Natixis Global Retirement Index takes a deep dive into the critical issues driving global retirement and is widely published on platforms such as CNN travel and the […]

Grenada offers attractive property investment for tourism investors

Grenada is one of most iconic Caribbean destinations on the map. Property investment in Grenada is not only a means to gain good rental income and capital appreciation, as you hedge against a stronger currency; it is also a pathway to immigrate from South Africa and to secure foreign citizenship for High Net Worth Individuals. […]

Healthcare in Portugal – A World-Class Service

When seeking a new country to live in, there are various factors that are top priority for you and your family. As a destination of note, Portugal has become renowned for its expat community, vibrant atmosphere and rich opportunities. Healthcare in Portugal is world-class. According to the 2021 Health Care Index, Portugal ranks 22nd globally, ahead […]

An education like no other: study without borders

The status and reputation of a tertiary education obtained from an institution within a developing country is often questioned. Despite a handful of reputable private higher education options across the African continent, including the University of Cape Town which is ranked the best university in Africa, High Net Worth Individuals commonly seek an international education […]

Portuguese capital is the epicentre for european innovation

On the Iberian Peninsula of Southwestern Europe is the Mediterranean jewel of Portugal, a sun-soaked, historic and passionate nation that tops the charts with its charm. Equally famous as the birthplace of great explorers and star-studded footballers, Portugal’s renown goes beyond the likes of Vasco da Gama and Cristiano Ronaldo to snap up bragging rights […]

Why invest in Mauritius?

Are you seeking natural beauty, pleasant warm weather and prime tourist attractions? Why not invest in Mauritius? This island has grown to become more than the ideal holiday location over the last 20 years. With a booming economy, quality healthcare and education, it is now a leading choice in tropical living destinations for families. According […]

Retire abroad and let your money work for you

The concept of retirement has changed over the last decade. Gone, are the days where we settled on retirement estates close to our hometowns or merely in a picturesque coastal town close by. Planning ahead for this time has become more crucial than ever and the consideration of retiring abroad has also grown. According to […]