Two visas in one – Why choose Grenada?

Why opt for one visa when you can have two? The Grenada residency by investment visa has many benefits, one of which is a way to gain USA citizenship. Whether you are looking to invest or immigrate, Grenada provides not only the investor a plan B, but also their family, as the visa is also […]

Looking beyond Lisbon – Portugal cities you should know about

Portugal achieved 5th place on the 2021 InterNations list of the Best Places for Expats in 2021 and was the only European destination to rank within the Top 10. As a prospective investor looking to immigrate to Portugal, the capital city of Lisbon is often a top choice. Home to a host of other expats […]

Why you should start your offshore investment journey today

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or new to offshore investments, we believe that this a key opportunity to diversify your wealth and hedge it against stronger currencies. We would like to help you make your next investment step seamless through the key countries we have identified, namely America, Mauritius, Portugal and Grenada.   What are […]

What is the difference between permanent residency and citizenship?

If you are thinking of starting your immigration journey, chances are you have a ton of questions about the procedure. Following a bit of research, one of the most common questions is helping individuals understand the difference between permanent residency and citizenship. Permanent residency Simply put, permanent residents cannot vote, can be deported and are […]

Portugal: The fourth safest country in the world

Moving to a foreign country can be an overwhelming decision to make, especially when deciding on the right country for you and your family. From job opportunities to healthcare, safety is one of the top priorities when considering immigration. Finding a place where you have peace of mind for your children and their futures are […]

Mauritius property market holds its own benefits

Mauritius is known as a holiday destination but is fast becoming a hot ticket for business people with their sights on immigration. The island nation is safe with a stable economy and offers its residents an ideal all-year-round outdoor lifestyle alongside some great property opportunities. But its prestige doesn’t end there. A rising star The […]

How to identify the right country for you

The world is your oyster. If immigration is your goal, you may feel overwhelmed by the opportunities for foreign citizenship afforded to High Net Worth Individuals. Many forward-thinking economies across the globe offer residency-by-investment programmes designed to court investors and attract foreign money, skills and entrepreneurial diversity. There are a variety of considerations you need […]

Grenada offers attractive property investment for tourism investors

Grenada is one of most iconic Caribbean destinations on the map. Property investment in Grenada is not only a means to gain good rental income and capital appreciation, as you hedge against a stronger currency; it is also a pathway to immigrate from South Africa and to secure foreign citizenship for High Net Worth Individuals. […]

Rand vs Dollar: Hedge your wealth in the USA to take advantage of its strong economy

The USA is an attractive long-term investment destination for South Africans seeking not only to protect their personal wealth, but also to qualify for alternative citizenship in a first-world country. The ‘land of opportunity’ remains one of the world’s largest economies with relatively low unemployment, low inflation and a diversified, growing economy. High Net Worth […]

Portugal is the 5th best place to live in the world

Over the last decade, Portugal has become a popular expat destination. From the energetic city scenes to the laidback coastal towns, there are a myriad of destinations within the country that host family-friendly environments with immaculate schools, hospitals and business opportunities that interest a range of industries. InterNations, a network for expats, recently released their […]